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French Macaron

Posted on: March 28, 2014

One of the main reasons I wanted to purchase a Kitchen Aid was to learn how to make French Macarons.

I looked to the internet for some recipe suggestions and came across this recipe:

Basic French Macaron

This was my very first time using the Kitchen Aid, my first time working with egg whites to make a meringue, my first time using a piping bag.. you see my point..

So I followed the directions and made the first batch..


These were small.  They were bigger than a quarter, but not as big as some that I have seen in bakeries.   They took the shape of a macaron.  That’s an accomplishment.  I was so happy that they LOOK like a macaron.

I tasted a cookie without the filling and knew I failed.  The texture was all wrong.  It stuck to my teeth.  It felt like it was overcooked.  It almost had the feeling of sticky caramel, not the milky creamy caramel, the over sticky, almost-hard caramel.  Also, this recipe is just way too sweet. 

I tried to salvage it by smearing some Biscoff cookie spread in between two pieces.


Doesn’t it totally look like the real thing?  Too bad it didn’t taste like it.

I had some left over batter, so I tried to make them bigger and bake them for a shorter amount of time.

They came out like this:


They came out so much better.  They weren’t as brown, and the texture was more similar to the macarons I’ve had from the professionals.  Because it was from the same batter, the taste was still way too sweet.

A few things thoughts:

1.  When adding the granulated sugar, I really need to add it slowly.  While I followed the directions stating to add the sugar to the whites “one tablespoon at a time,” I didn’t wait for the sugar to dissolve between tablespoons.

2.  I may have possibly over beat the egg whites.  Internet research told me that over beaten egg whites become lumpy.  I had lumpy egg whites. 

3.  I wonder if cut the confectioners sugar and add more almond meal if it will cut down on the sweetness.  I wonder what more almond meal will do to the texture. 

4.  I need to find the perfect baking time.  I haven’t baked much since I’ve moved into the apartment about 3 1/2 years ago, so I’m still trying figure out my ovens quirks and preferences. 

5.  I don’t have a sifter, but the package of almond meal said “extra fine.”  I figured I didn’t need to sift it.  Maybe I need to.

That’s all I can think of at the moment.

Do you have any tips and tricks to perfecting French macarons?  Leave a comment below!

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