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Daylight Savings.. Mommy’s time..

Posted on: March 13, 2014

I’m tired.

It’s not M’s fault.  She fell asleep very shortly after we all went to bed.  She’s pretty adjusted.

I’m not.

Every morning, that alarm rings and I am miserable.  It still feels too early.  It’s dark outside, it’s cold, and I don’t feel like I got enough sleep.

I hit the snooze button at least twice each morning.

It’s so warm and cozy in my bed.  Even though M isn’t snuggled up to me like she used to be (that’s another blog post for another time..), she’s still got her back against my back and she feel so comfortable.  I can’t just leave.

The other day, I took two naps.  I took one when I picked M up from Grandma’s house.  M was still sleeping so I got on the couch next to her and dozed off.  Then, right before bed, M was watching a TV show when I dozed off again.

I still woke up the next day feeling like I still lost an hour of sleep.

If M has adjusted, why can’t I?
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