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Finally Friday…

Posted on: March 7, 2014

Yes, I took Friday off last week, then Monday off this week..

But I’m sure glad it’s Friday!

I think that all the germies and asthma and chasing after M is starting to get to me..

I’m tired.

I sit at work and I feel like I could fall asleep in an instance.  I’ll admit, I’ll sit in my cubicle, close my eyes for about 5 minutes and try to make myself feel better.. I just get so paranoid that someone is going to walk by and see me sleeping.. I just can’t help it though.  I’m just so sleepy!

Food hasn’t been my friend lately either.  I think that all the germs that I’ve been fighting since January (when Hubby and M had bronchitis, and M’s recent cold) have finally gotten to me.  My stomach just doesn’t feel up to par.  Food just doesn’t seem to digest right. 

Stress?  Possibly.

Tired?  Very likely.

I need a nice little diversion.  I need to refresh… we need to do something fun!

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