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There are times when M is watching TV, I’m in the craft room, and Hubby is on the computer.  We are all pretty occupied  with whatever we are doing.  Then, M sees something on TV and she runs into the craft room to tell me.

Sometimes, I’m so engrossed in a project that a little distraction is NOT what I need at the moment…

But do I brush her off?  Never.

Every time she runs to be with a little update on what she’s watching or doing, I stop what I’m doing, look her in the eyes, and give her my full attention and interest.


Because I want her to know that she can always come to me and I will always listen. 

At this point, most of her little updates are filled with toddler gibberish and a sprinkling of words I do understand.  I can pull out her message out of the context of the words she does say, and I try to repeat to her the ideas she was trying to convey to me.  Sometimes I think I’m just waaaay off because she just stares blankly back at me with a “that’s what you got out of this conversation?!” look on her face.  Sometimes, she nods and says “yes.”

It’s these small gestures, like showing complete interest, that makes me feel like it will benefit our relationship in the future.  I want her to feel like she can always come and talk to me, no matter how random the subject may be.  I want to be there for her.

It’s also always so interesting what she decides is important news to her. 

The other day it was that Strawberry Shortcake had to clean the mess she made while making cupcakes and the oven made a mess… she was so distraught, but it was just the cutest thing!


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