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For the first part of February, I will be counting down my 14 loves  until I get to February 14th.  This is a great way to get back to blogging daily again, and a way to make Valentine’s Day worth it this year!

I love Vitamin C.

Hubby started it.  He got sick and ended up with bronchitis.  Suddenly, M started getting congested.  Then, the congestion travelled down into her throat and she started coughing.  Her coughing and conjestion led to some out of the ordinary breathing that I just couldn’t feel comfortable with, so I took M to the urgent care on a Sunday.  She was diagnosed with bronchitis, with some mild asthma symptoms. 

I’m just waiting for it to be my turn.

Since Hubby got sick, I’ve been loading myself with Vitamin C.  I’ve been taking pills, drinking juice, and eating pumelos.. I love pumelos!  Oh wait.. I’ll save that love for tomorrow!  I know, too much Vitamin C doesn’t do any good because it just goes right through your system, but I have to try.  As of now, my throat is starting to feel funny.  Not pain, but just not normal.  I’m fighting it as much as I can.  I’m mentally trying to be stronger than the virus. 

“I will NOT get sick.  I will NOT get sick.”

Vitamin C is my friend.

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