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There was been a deafening silence coming from my blog recently. 

I have only one explanation.

I’m busy.

Work has kept me so busy that I haven’t had the time to collect my thoughts.  I usually come in a little early before work and find some time to put down a couple of blog ideas on paper so I can type them up during a break or when I get home.  It’s usually on my commute when I think of the ideas, so getting to them to paper as soon as I get to work helps me not forget them. 

Home life has been busy.   CutieQ Cards n Crafts has been working on projects non-stop.  I’ve got at least 5 custom orders I need to get out and so home life has been a hectic juggle of mommy duties and crafting duties.  All the running around leaves me very little time to blog.  The spare time I do have, I spend hugging and cuddling M… and playing with Play Doh..

My One Little Word this year is CHALLENGE and I wanted that word to help push myself to blog every day, here and on the craft blog.  It’s slowly evolving into a CHALLENGE to keep myself balanced and sane. 

No, I’m not complaining.  I love the productivity, especially when it comes to the crafting.  I love the action, I love having something to do.

My life is definitely NOT boring.  I have things to blog about.  I just need the time.

I can forgo another hour of sleep to update the blog for you guys, right?

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