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Homemade Play Doh

Posted on: January 6, 2014

Because M has had an obsession with Play Doh videos on Youtube, I decided to make my own Play Doh.

I wanted to see if she would eat it.  She still has a habit of putting various toys in her mouth, so I wanted to make sure she wouldn’t eat it.

Making my own Play Doh would be totally cost effective since I had all the ingredients at home already.

Lastly, Play Doh kinda stinks.  I remember the distinct smell of Play Doh and now that I’m a mother, it makes me worried of what actually in it.  I know that it’s non-toxic, but anything that smells that stinky couldn’t be completely safe.. right?

I researched and found this video on Youtube:

I basically made one fourth of the recipe, thanks to Hubby’s awesome math skills.  I didn’t have any food coloring, so the play doh was just white.

I have to say that it was totally a hit.  M LOVED it.  She sat and played for at least an hour, which is a record for my two year old!

I stored it into a ziplock bag and into the refrigerator.  About 4-5 days later, I took it out for her to play again.  It was cold, so I warmed it up a bit by kneading it on the kitchen counter for a while before I let her play with it.

The second time around, the play doh was much more pliable and much stickier.  Our hands had a thin film of the doh on our hands by the time we were done playing.

My cousin recommended using Kool-Aid instead of water to moisten the Play Doh mixture.  She told me that was what she used to color the doh instead of food coloring.  I will definitely have to try that next time.

I highly recommend this recipe.

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