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Adventures in parenting.. Her first punishment..

Posted on: January 3, 2014

2014 is off to a great start.. today M turns 28 months old.. AND yesterday, she received her first punishment..

No.. it wasn’t horrible, in fact, I really don’t think she was old enough to grasp the concept. 

All night, it was “M, this.. M, that.. M, stop.. M, don’t go there…”

One particular bad habit she’s suddenly started was spitting.  At first she’d just spit with an empty mouth.  Nothing really came out, but she would just do the action of spitting.  Already, I was trying to stop her because it’s just not a thing little ladies do!

Then, it became spitting the milk or water that was in her mouth. 

Then, it became spitting milk onto the carpet or any surface that was near her, and then playing with the spit milk.

Yesterday, it just was too much. 

Every time we gave her a sippy of milk, she’d take a drink and it would just go right on the carpet or on her table. 

Not cool.

So I did was any mother of a modern-day, technology driven family would do.. I took her iPad away. 

Not that she was playing with it at that moment, but she was asking for it.  She was asking to watch her favorite “Undersea Play Doh” video on Youtube. 

I explained to her that because she didn’t listen and kept spitting out her milk that she couldn’t have her iPad and she couldn’t watch that video.

She agreed, but didn’t seem phased.  Like I said earlier, I don’t really think she “gets it” yet. 

Maybe if she was actually playing with the iPad, she would have understood. 

Can’t wait to see what other adventures in parenting this kid’s gonna bring this year..


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