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Things my daughter says… in sentences!

Posted on: December 18, 2013

M’s vocabulary is really developing in leaps and bounds.  This past week, my parents and I have seen a definite growth her her communication skills.

She can definitely tell me what she wants, or what she wants to accomplish.  She’s also getting really good at telling you what to do!

The cat at my parents house is mainly a house cat.  She does love going out into the garage, and will sometimes try to sneak outside completely.  Usually, she stays inside.

While the family was packing up and getting ready for a small outting, the cat was hovering near the door looking for an opportunity to step out into the garage, but because we were going to use the garage to go outside, we weren’t allowing her to go.

M notices the cat trying to go outside and says..

“Oh no, Mittens!  Not poh-toh-go outside!”
Translation:  Oh no, Mittens!  Not supposed to go outside!

It really was the cutest thing.. she was saying it with so much conviction and passion.  Mittens the cat was really not supposed to go outside and she was adamant!

I wish I recorded it.. but you just never know when these moments happen!


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