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Twenty-seven months..

Posted on: December 3, 2013

Yes, I know I said that I wouldn’t be counting months once M hit two years old, but I just can’t help it.  It helps me keep track of what she did at what time in her life.  It’s not like I say it when people ask me how old she is..

But M is twenty-seven months today.  Also, M was baptized 2 years ago today.

Time is just flying and she’s growing and developing in leaps and bounds.

We now have conversations.  She tells me stories.  She tells me what she wants.  She definitely knows how to say, “no.”  She loves to play.  She loves to laugh.  She loves to sing.  She loves to dance.  She loves to jump.  She loves to reenact scenes from videos and television shows. 

She loves to give me hugs and kisses.  She puts her arms around my neck so tightly.  She gives me the best kisses a mother could ask for. 

She’s called me her best friend.  She’s told me countless times that she loves me. 

She makes my long, tired days just disappear with a single smile. 

She doesn’t like spending more than 5 minutes on my lap anymore.  But in those moments when she gets tired and just wants to snuggle in my arms, I take full advantage!  It still reminds me that she’s still my baby, no matter what age.

I love this little person M is growing up to be. 

She doesn’t tantrum as much (knock on wood!), and she’s returned to the pretty easy going, flexible person she’s always been. 

I’m loving this age and I can’t wait for what else life has in store for us.


2 Responses to "Twenty-seven months.."

My daughter is just about to turn 23 months. I remember when my girlfriend had her first kid many years ago. I used to laugh when she referred to her in months. She would say “Melanie is 18 months today” & my smart ass, non baby having mouth would say “Oh, so you mean she’s a year & a half”. Now here I am with 23 month old daughter listening to those other smart ass, non baby having people say “So she almost 2?” It is a great age. I wish I could freeze her here for a while. Enjoy the moments , mommy.

They are super fun at this age. I will definitely enjoy all these moments! Thank you for your comment and thank you for reading!!!

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