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Posted on: November 5, 2013

The time change at this time of the year is always my favorite.  It feels like gaining an hour of sleep.. and I LOVE it..

I never know if it’s either the end or the beginning of Daylight Saving Time.. but it doesn’t matter to me.. it’s the mind trick of making it seem like I just gained some sleep..

Eventually my body will adjust, but lets just let me enjoy this for the first week or so…

What I don’t enjoy is how late it feels at 5pm.. that feeling always throws me off..

I’m trying to keep things normal around the toddler.  I’m sure M feels the difference, but I want her to adjust as fast as possible.  I try to keep her meals at around the same time as normal, even though compared to last week, they are all an hour later.  I try to get her to bed at the same time as well.  It’s the same thing I did when we were in Hawaii and when we got back.  Thank God I have a pretty laid back child, and she pretty good at being flexible to change..

How do you adjust your children to the time change?

Thankful November
November 4 – I’m thankful for sleep.  Simple.

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