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Febrile Seizures

Posted on: October 3, 2013

Parenting has a lot of ups and downs.  September 26th, 2013 has got to be one of the worst downs I’ve experienced as a parent.

September 26th has got to be the scariest parenting moment I’ve experienced in the two years of being a mother.

M’s fever was difficult to control.  Within two hours of taking a dose of Tylenol at 11am, I felt her fever start to return.  Hubby and I tried everything we could.  We changed her into a cotton tank top and I started wiping her with a room temperature wet cloth.  We just couldn’t control the rate that the fever was climbing.

Then it happened.

She was tired in my arms.  She was drifting in and our of sleep, but I just thought she couldn’t find a comfortable position.

Suddenly, she looked up at me with the strangest look in her eyes, and she was totally unresponsive.  I tried so hard to get her attention, but to no avail.  Then, she started drooling and I knew this wasn’t normal anymore.  I started to hear her gurgling and her lips started turning blue.  I laid her forward to get as much saliva out of her mouth and tried so hard to just get her to snap out of it.  I saw her fist clench and her arms stiffen up.

During all this, Hubby was on the phone with the 911 responder.  They told us to lie her down flat, tilt her head slightly up and keep her airways clear.

As quickly as it happened, it quickly ended.  She was moaning and looked confused, but her body was relaxed.

The paramedics took us the the Emergency Room where they treated her high fever and kept us there until she was ok.

I thought that her fall from last month was scary.   That was NOTHING compared to that seizure.

When the paramedics took her temperature, it was 103.9.  That’s HIGH!  Her poor body couldn’t regulated the temperature and allowed the fever to just go up at such an alarming rate.

Febrile seizures run in my side of the family.  I had one when I was about M’s age and my mother said she had one too.  I knew there was a chance of her getting one, I just hoped that I would have been able to prevent one by keeping her temperature down, but I guess it was bound to happen.

Thankfully, she’s all better, and febrile seizures usually cause no lasting damages, nor do the cause any other type of seizures.

I hope that I can prevent any further febrile seizures from happening.  It was too scary to have to try to deal with again!

8 Responses to "Febrile Seizures"

Oh nooo! Poor mama 😦 We’ve been dealing with our little guys fever for the past 24 hours. He pukes from ibuprofen so we can only give him acetaminophen, but it wears off so quickly… I’m keeping an ever-watchful eye on him, now even closer since reading your post. I opened my WordPress reader and your post just popped up immediately – I’m taking it as a sign … Thank you

Yes. Take care of the fever. Hopefully he won’t have a seizure from it. . I’d call his pediatrician to see if there is anything you can do since the acetaminophen wears off quickly. The only reason I knew about febrile seizures was because I had one as a child. They never went over it during all those “baby prep/child care classes” we took before M was born. I hope that this post will help make parents more aware during times of fever. Thank you for your comment!

Absolutely! Thank you for sharing.

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