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Growing up..

Posted on: September 18, 2013

I knew it was bound to happen..

It’s been several nights now and she’s been doing it each night.

M used to be the best little snuggler in the world.  She used take my arm and just hug it like a teddy bear.

Lately, she’s pushed me away and rolled away from me to fall asleep.

So sad!

She’s growing up and she doesn’t need me for that sort of security anymore.

There are times in the middle of the night where she’ll wake up a little bit, check to see if I’m there, and snuggle up to me.

But then, right when she knows she’s about to fall asleep again, she pushes my arms away, rolls away from me, and then falls asleep.

I know it’s all about growing up, I have to face it.  But, I miss her cuddles and her hugs.

I guess it does make it easier to start thinking about a toddler bed for her..

It’s so true that I’m so much more attached than she is…

Sigh… she’s not a baby anymore..


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