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It started on Friday.

I had the day off because M had her two-year well baby check up..

It all seemed normal enough, except that when M woke up she felt a little warm.

She was still in good spirits, but I was beginning to feel a little weary. All the germs floating around tour buses, restaurants and airplanes had finally caught up to her. Darn post-vacation sickies!

Her well-baby went well. But when the time came to give M a booster to her Hep A vaccine, I asked the doctor is she could have M’s temperature taken.

101.0 F


So instead of a shot, she got a dose of fever reducer.

Her fevers were so consistent during the remainder of the day. It only went down while the fever reducer would kick in, but after four hours her temperature would shoot up.

That lasted throughout the entire night.

The morning for her party, I gave her a dose at 7am. By the Grace of God, her fever didn’t return until the afternoon. And the fevers would take a little longer to return after that.

She enjoyed the beginning of her birthday party. She progressively got grumpy as the day went on. I’m sure she wasn’t feeling all that great to be partying…

As the fevers have been subsiding, her attitude has been declining. She’s so much more irritable. She’s super sensitive. The littlest thing sends her into a major crying fit.

I can’t even leave to use the restroom without sobbing for me.

I can see that she is experiencing some form of discomfort. I’m assuming its her molars. I’m hoping that its just her molars.

On Friday, the pediatrician checked her ears, throat and lungs and said they were all clear. So I’m hoping that these fevers are because she is teething.

I’m taking her to see her pediatrician today, so I hoping we can figure out what’s wrong.

I just want my happy little buggy back. It breaks my heart to see her like this. I feel so absolutely helpless.

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