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I’ve always been a nervous flyer.  Months, weeks, days before I fly, I’m usually a nervous wreck.

Not only does the idea of flying make me nervous, but having to go through the airport, and airport security, that totally stresses me out.

Add a toddler to all that anxiety, and you have a huge mess.

M is a very active toddler.  She’s nonstop.  She loves space and can rarely be found sitting down in one spot for a long time..

A 5-hour flight was going to be a challenge.

I made sure to find many, many things to keep her busy.

Hubby and I bought a portable DVD player.  We brought her iPad.  We brought my iPad.  We brought her travel doodle board.

On the flight to Hawaii, she fell asleep shortly after we took off.  She slept for about an hour and a half to two hours.  It was great!  When she woke up, she was entertained by all the various electronic and non-electronic toys we brought.

She was so good!  We were complimented by many of the other passengers around us, saying she was such a good girl.

That was a breath of relief.

But was it going to repeat on the fight back?!

When we got to the airport to go back home, M fell asleep.  She finally woke up shortly before we had to board the plane.

She’d definitely not fall asleep during the 5-hour flight.  I thought I was going to be in some major trouble.

But, again, she kept herself entertained by her electronic and non-electronic forms of entertainment.


Again, she was praised by the other passengers on what a good girl she was for the entire flight.

I was so thankful.

I was also so proud of her.  She never felt the need to have to go running down the aisle.  She never cried.   She never made any obnoxious noises.

She was happy.  She was patient.  She took everything in stride.  She was definitely a trooper.

I’m so glad that is all I have to report about the plane ride.  My mind was constantly running through every worst case scenario about her behavior that I was seriously (and pleasantly) surprised when she was such a good girl.


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