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Oh no, she didn’t!

Posted on: August 7, 2013

The other night at bedtime, it came time for M to brush her teeth.

We gave her the toothbrush and she was going at it.  Because she has so much more teeth now, she actually brushes teeth!

It came time for me to actually do the real brushing, so I started going for the toothbrush.

She resisted and pulled away, thus keeping the toothbrush.

I told her that it was my turn to do it, but she wouldn’t give me the toothbrush.

I reach for the toothbrush again.

This time, she pulls away from me and says, “Mine!”

Where did she learn that?!  Is that something that just comes to kids?  Since she’s not in daycare, she wouldn’t have learned that from another kid.  Hubby and I don’t say that to each other.  Is this just some sort of behavior that just comes when a kid hits this age?!

Well, I don’t want that sort of behavior to perpetuate and possibly get worse.  So, as much as I wanted to laugh and say “Hubby!  Look what she learned!” I didn’t.  I didn’t want any sort of positive reinforcement to come out of that behavior.

So, I gave her a stern look and told her calmly, “You don’t say that to Mimi.”  I did let her keep the toothbrush though.  Since she always has two toothbrushes out, I took the other one and brushed her. 



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