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Posted on: July 29, 2013

Yesterday, we went to the beach.

This was going to be M’s first time as a full-blown, walking toddler. 

Yes, I live in San Diego.  Yes, this is our first time at the beach this year.  Yes, I know we are wasting perfectly near beach resources by not going many times.  Yes, I know all these things.  Yes, every year I say we need to go more.  Should I keep going?!

M’s been so opposed to stepping on surfaces that aren’t real floors, or concrete.  For the longest time, she hated grass.  I had to convince her that the tire mulch in the apartment’s playground was like the Nutty Forest from Dora The Explorer.  Luckily, she’s been able to walk on those surfaces for several months now.

Sand was something she continued to be “iffy” about. 

So, going to the beach, I was mentally prepared to have to carry her through the sand.  I was mentally prepared for her apprehensions about the ocean waves.  Basically, I was mentally prepared for her absolutely hating the beach experience.

First off, we were camped out in the grassy picnic area of the beach, and surprisingly, M walked onto the grass in her bare feet, without hesitation.  Score one for me!

Then, when we took her to the sand in sandals, she was totally fine.  She started off walking on her tip toes, as if trying to avoid it somehow, but eventually she gave in and enjoyed the sand.  Score another one for me!

Once we got to the wet sand, we tried to ease her into the incoming waves.  But suddenly, she let go of our hands, and just ran for it towards the ocean!  Hubby was closeby and always made sure she was within arms reach and eye sight, but she was just having a super time!

She was soaked!

She was so happy, that made me so happy!  The smile on her face as the waves crashed onto her feet and legs was just priceless.  As the waves created a pool of water around her, she would sit right into the water and just splash with her hands.  She loved every second of it.

After we took her out, she kept wanting to back.  All we would hear was “Go beach!  Beach, there!”

Even right before bed, as were all getting ready, she had to ask one more time, “Go beach, please yes?”

I had to reassure her that we will go back. 

We definitely will go back.  Now that I know that she LOVES it, I can’t see how we can stay away…



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