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Posted on: July 18, 2013

M had a bloody nose the other night..

It scared me a little bit because I didn’t see it until I woke up the next morning.

When I wake up for work, it’s still a little dark outside.  I always have the hardest time getting up because I never want to leave the warmth of the bed and the cuddling of my little girl.

I looked at her when I woke up because she seemed to have a smile on her face.  I think she was having a happy dream.  I go to kiss her and she gives me a full blown smile in her sleep.  I gotta love those moments!

I looked at her a little closer and noticed that she had something on her face.  It almost looked like those indents you get on your face when you lay down against a wrinkle on the pillow or the bed sheet.

I decided to shine the phone light on to her face. 

She had dried blood all over her cheeks..

Now, before you freak out.. ahem, Grandma… it really wasn’t a lot..

In fact, there wasn’t a spot of blood on the sheets.  It wasn’t a bloody masacre like other nosebleeds can be.  Believe me, I know of some bad nosebleeds!

There was just a tiny spot on the pillow, a small smear on my arm, and little smears on my shirt. 

It also looked like she was sucking her thumb while her nose was bleeding.  Her little pointer finger seemed to have the most blood on it.

So Hubby and mine’s theory is that she was sucking her thumb and picking at her nose during her sleep.  She does that on occasion as a form of comfort.  We think that she may have picked her nose and maybe made it bleed. 

(Cue CSI music..)

I used to get nosebleeds  a lot as a kid.  I remember getting about 3 in one day once in elementary school.  The doctor told my mom to just stick Vaseline in my nose and it worked. 

I’m hoping that this is just a one-time occurance.  I just don’t want to her to deal with nosebleeds at this young age.. my poor baby girl!


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