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Posted on: July 16, 2013

There’s a really cool Disney store in the Montclair Plaza in Montclair, CA.

It’s been there for years and years and years.  They’ve never changed.  It’s got great character statutes above and it’s totally “disney’d out,” if that’s a term.

We went to that mall on Sunday and M got to experience this store for the first time.

She’s gone into many Disney stores, but this was her first time at this fun looking store.

She was a kid in a candy store!  She loved it.

Luckily, for a Sunday, the entire mall wasn’t very busy.  The Disney store wasn’t very busy either.  There were many opportunities for her to just explore the store freely.  And she did just that.

At one point, I told my Hubby and parents, “Look, she’s so excited.”

Apparently she heard me.  So as she ran through the store she would say, “Ah-sited!  Ah-sited!  I running! Ah-sited!”

Several times, I had to remind her to just walk through the store.  So she would start walking and say to me, “Mimi, I walking.  I walking.”

She LOVED seeing all the merchandise.  She would name off every single character she knew. 

Her joy made me so very happy.  I love seeing her get excited over something.  She lights up so brightly and she gets so happy and loud.  It’s the cutest thing.

What store makes your child so very happy?


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