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Vinegar and soap…

Posted on: July 15, 2013

Equal parts vinegar.  Equal parts Dawn blue dish soap.  For tough spots, make sure to heat the vinegar before adding the soap.

I heard about this from a Facebook mommy’s group.  I was asking about some natural, less chemical, cleaning remedies.

I was expecting to hear about cleaners like Mrs Meyers or JR Watkins, maybe even something from The Honest Company..

But nope.

I heard about vinegar and Dawn.

So, I tried it.

I liked it.  No, I LOVED it.  The chrome on my sink and bathtub haven’t been this shiny since we moved in!  Things feel so much cleaner too! 

Because there’s a lot of soap in the mix, when I cleaned the bathroom countertop, it took a while for me to rinse the soap off without making a wet mess all over the place.  It took patience to really make sure all the soap was rinsed off the counter. 

Because of the high soap to vinegar ratio, I wouldn’t use this on the mirrors, unless you’re a super patient person that likes to clean and scrub for a long time.. for the mirrors, I’ll stick to my JR Watkins Lavendar all purpose cleaner..

I’m all about natural, homemade cleaning solutions.. but this is the only one I know of now. 

Please leave me comments on any other homemade cleaning solutions you know of.  I’d love to try them!


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