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Posted on: July 1, 2013

With M’s 2nd birthday quickly approaching (in almost 2 months.. eek!), a huge topic of conversation between hubby and I is if we are ready to start thinking about baby #2.

My body feels ready.  My maternal instincts definitely yearn for another little baby.  Its pretty obvious I do want one every time I’m near a friend or family member with an infant..

The same goes with Hubby.  We’re constantly fawning over family and friend’s babies..

So.. basically.. we’re ready.


But raising baby #2 is definitely going to be a different experience than raising M.

For one, we have M.  She’s a full blown active toddler.

My mind can’t wrap around the idea of doting over a newborn while wrangling an active toddler.  Do I have the capability to take care of both children?  PLUS.. can I do that in public.. by myself, if needed?!

That idea alone makes me think twice about introducing another kid into the family.

Second, M is very attached to me.. she’s my little buddy.. she’s my little sidekick.  We’ve got a bond that is so strong.. it’s not that I doubt if I’ll have that same bond with a second child.. it’s not that I doubt if I’ll be able to love a second child with the same intensity as I do M.. it’s not that at all.

It’s more about M.  I know tons of “first borns” have to deal with the arrival of a sibling, in fact, I did it myself!  I just worry about her.  I know she’ll adjust.. just like everyone else’s firstborns.. I know, in the end, she’ll be fine.  But.. there’s just that little bit of concern that tugs at my heart.. I just feel like she’s so young and won’t be able to understand everything… I’m sure every parent went through this thought process when thinking about baby #2.

It’s obvious I’m totally on the fence about the whole baby #2.

I know I’ll probably never be 100% ready.. but I also know that I’ll be able to pretty much handle what the future holds for our family..

I’ll keep you posted..


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