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Squat challenge…

Posted on: June 6, 2013

Ideally, I should have been finished with the squat challenge.  I would have finished 250 squats..

But.. I got bored.  So very bored.  Bored.  Bored.  Board

So, I stopped.  I stopped at about 160-170. 

I know.. I was soooo close.

I know.. I should be more motiviated..

I heard all the pep talks.  I heard all the “I can’t believe your gonna quit” from the Hubby.

I even heard, “I thought we were going to do this together!”  Yes.  I feel bad.

But I was bored.

And that’s my problem with working out.  I get bored.  I get board of the same work out all the time..

So.. I’m looking for another thing to do..

Yesterday, I felt the need to jog.. so I called up Hubby to set up the jogging stroller so we could take a jog around the apartment complex with M.  BUT.. I had no idea that jogging stroller tires needed air and all the tires were flat! 

I ended up taking M to the playground.

I did get an arm workout by pushing the teeter totter up and down while M sat on the other end…

I know.. I gotta focus and I gotta be motivated.  I’m only hurting myself.. yadda yadda yadda..

I need to find a workout I like.. that’s preferably free… because I like yoga but I don’t want to pay for all those classes and I obviously don’t have the discipline to do it on myown..

Another fitness challenge FAIL…


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