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21 months..

Posted on: June 3, 2013

Today, M is 21 months.

She’s getting closer and closer to the 2 year mark and I’m totally not ready for it.

In many ways, she’s still my baby.  She still comes in for a cuddle and a hug.  She loves to give kisses and receive them.  She still cries for me and sometimes wants to be rocked and held like a baby.  When she sleeps in my arms, she’s definitely still my baby..

But she’s also such an independent little toddler..

She would rather eat on her own than be fed now..

She actually holds her bottle, or sippy cup, or other drinking recepticles..

She talks and talks and talks and talks..

She tells ME what crayon to use and what object to color on the pages of her coloring books..

She can arrange things and say “poo-fect” (perfect) when it goes her way..

She can be totally interactive when watching Dora the Explorer and SuperWhy, answering the questions and repeating words when they ask her to..

She knows her letters and the phonetic sounds..

She can count from 1-13, then I have to count 14-17, then she’ll scream out “eighteen” and then let’s me finish the count to 20.. then celebrates in triumph!

She can maneuver her way through YouTube like nobody’s business!

She climbs anything and everything she can get her feet and hands on..

She’s singing along to songs now..

She tells me what toys she wants to bring when we go out or go spend a weekend at Ama and Apa’s house.. “bring doh-wa, bring Elmo, bring Panda, bring cat..”

She’s drawing circles and rainbows on her big magnet doodle board..

She reminds ME to bless ourselves with the Holy Water when entering the Church and I walked right by the Holy Water thingy in the door way..

There are so many things that she’s doing now.. and I still can’t believe she’s turning 21 months..

I love this little girls so much.. she’s such a blessing to our lives and I pray that she continues to grow and develop into a healthy, happy little girl.  I pray that God continues to guide her and I pray that we can teach her how to live a good life as a good person that makes good decisions in her life and will be safe always..




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