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Baby fever..

Posted on: May 23, 2013

Ok.. I’ll admit it.. I have baby fever..

But it’s not what you think.. ok.. maybe it is what you think.. but let me explain.

I have baby fever. I am soooooo wanting to be pregnant again.

But that’s it. I JUST want to be pregnant. I don’t want the labor and I don’t know if I’m ready to start over again with a newborn.

I’m JUST getting used the whole fact that M is relatively independent now. She practically eats on her own, drinks on her own.. and can entertain herself.. she hardly needs me anymore.. and that’s a whole other blog entry!

Back to my baby fever…

I want to be pregnant.. just pregnant.  I want to feel the kicks of a little one growing in..

I didn’t have an easy pregnancy the first time around.. but I didn’t have a really terrible one either..

I had the first trimester morning sickness, which was pretty much constant nausea if I didn’t eat anything.. the nausea also resulted in motion sickness whenever I rode (or drove myself) in a car on an empty stomach..

I had the pressed nerve pains throughout the entire pregnancy.  By the end of the pregnancy, I couldn’t lift my legs to get in and out of a car.. I had to physically lift them with my arms to get in and out..

Lastly, I had M early.. not super early where it was dangerous for M.. I was 36 weeks when I gave birth.. so M was considered a “late-preterm baby.”  Thank God it wasn’t anything serious.. but I was 2cm dilated at my 35 week checkup.. it makes me worried about how early the next one might come..

So.. with all those issue during pregnancy.. I still want to be pregnant again!  Despite all the issues, I LOVED being pregnant.. I loved the instant bond.. I loved knowing that I was carrying this child everywhere I went.. and all my aches and pains were just small sacrifices of motherhood..

Why wouldn’t I want to be pregnant again?!

I just don’t know if I’m ready to have another kid in the process..

When did you know you were ready, really ready, for baby #2?!

1 Response to "Baby fever.."

…when my oldest was mothering her dolls…and she was potty trained (or close to it) — didn’t want to deal w/2 sets of diaper changes & cost ;)…go for it!

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