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Posted on: May 21, 2013

Something is happening to my little girl.

Something is changing in her.. my happy little girl that used to be able to go for days without crying…

Now.. oh now..

Now, everyday there is a reason for a meltdown.. everyday she cries.. its a daily tantrum.

Tantrums occur mostly when something gets taken away from her.  This used to not bother her before.  We mainly take things away from her if they make a mess or are an obvious hazard.  She used to be ok with that.  She used to just move on to the next thing.

Now, taking away something from her is like the worst thing in the world for her..

If we tell her she’s done watching her shows on the iPad or on Youtube, it’s like the most devastating thing she could experience!

Everyday.  She cries.  Everyday.  She’s on the floor crying.  Every. Day.

Luckily, these episodes don’t last very long.  It’s still pretty easy to distract her away from her drama…

Is this what terrible twos is like?!


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