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I guess you can say I’m starting her young.. but in fact, SHE started it young.

I’m not a jewelry person.  I admire jewelry, but I don’t NEED to have jewelry.. in fact, that’s the one things Hubby loves about me.  I don’t ask for jewelry.. all he had to give me was an engagement ring.. and I don’t ask for anything else.. he did give me a beautiful necklace on our first year anniversary.. I love it.. but I will never expect anything else.. or anything more.. that’s just me.

That being said.. I totally fell in love with Origami Owl necklaces.. ha!

These are lockets that they call “Living Lockets” because there are so many charms and accessories that you can put in them to customize to your own personalities.  It’s probably the only piece of jewelry I actually wear outside of my wedding/engagement rings..

When M saw me wear mine for the first time, she fell in love with it too.  She ended up wearing it more than me..

So what does my mother do?  She buys M her own!


Hers is the smaller locket.. it has an angel, a cross, an M, and a little girl with a sapphire birthstone.  Her plate says, “love” or “blessed.”  I can’t remember.  Mine is the larger one with “mom”, a Q for our last name, an October stone for our October wedding, a little girl with a sapphire birthstone for M, a cross and a plate that says “love” and a larger plate that says “blessed.”  I put a pink dangle on the side for a splash of pink that I always love.

M loves wearing her little necklace.  She looks like such a little lady when wearing it.  I don’t even have to worry about the choking hazard because contrary to what she always does, she doesn’t put this in her mouth!  The locket is closed by magnets and the little indent to help open the lockets is so small on hers that I could barely get it open.  I do keep an eye on her when she’s wearing it, so protective mothers know that I am very diligent about these things… I think she just loves having something to wear that “mimi” does that it doesn’t even cross her mind to put it into her mouth.. but once she attempts to, the necklace is going away until she learns to not put it in her mouth!

I can’t believe she’s totally into jewelry when she hardly sees me wearing anything.

If you could customize a locket.. what would you put in it?

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