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Posted on: May 15, 2013

On yesterday’s blog post, here, I mentioned that I was going to work on my diet and just let the exercise eventually find it’s way back into my system..

Around Thursday of last week, I learned about the 30 day squat challenge..

Picture taken from the 30 Day Squat Challenge Facebook page.

Hubby and I decided to do this together.. which I LOVE.  I love that we are doing this together.. it’s a bonding experience and since we are doing it at home, M can watch us doing it..  She likes when one of us holds her while squatting.. And she also likes squatting herself.. by the way.. she’s really good! 

Hubby and I are on Day 7.  It’s a challenge.. those squats hurt!  I look forward to the Rest days like no body’s business.

This challenge is great because it goes along the lines of my “one day at a time” mentality.  I don’t look at it as an entire 30 day challenge.  I look at them like 30 separate daily challenges..

So today, I tell myself.. “Today, I will do 80 squats.”  I have to do it because I said I would do it today.  I don’t think about the resting tomorrow.  I dont’ think about starting up again on Friday.. I think about only today.

I’ve been eating much better, and slightly smaller portions.. its is falling into place without the pressure I put on myself earlier this year..

I weighed myself yesterday.. 145lbs. 

:::mini-victory dance:::

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