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It’s been a busy few days at work.. It’s been non-stop work for 8 hours and it leaves me absolutely exhausted by the time I get home..

I get home before M and Hubby, so I get to spend at least an hour alone to unwind.

Of course, when I get home, it isn’t complete relaxation.

Once I’m home, I don’t even sit down.  Most days I go straight to the kitchen to start putting away dishes and start cooking something..

There are days when I go right to the laundry after the kitchen..

After getting that done, I can finally sit down at the craft table.. it’s my way to unwind and clear my head.. it’s a great therapy that I hope to one day make more than just a hobby.. but only time will tell.

Once I’m heavy into my crafting, I hear the door open and a little voice repeatedly saying, “Mimi, Mimi, Mimi..” until she gets into the craft room to see me.

Then, she gets this huge smile on her face, and with so much conviction, she says, “Mimi!”

Of course, I run straight to her.. she lifts her arms for me to carry her.. then she tells me “Hug.” and she gives me this super sweet hug with her arms wrapped around me as tight as she can and her head resting so comfortably on my shoulder..

It’s as if she’s telling me that she’s so glad to be with me again.. it’s like she tells me she misses me while we are apart..

I love it.

I leave the craft room with my darling daughter in my arms and go to greet Hubby.  We talk a little bit about our day and joke around a little.. or a lot!

Once they come home, I flip the switch into “mommy mode” and get no rest until it’s time to go to sleep..

It’s not the ideal life that I had pictured myself to have when I were to have kids.. being a working mommy.. but it’s my life.. and there’s so much love in our little family..

I couldn’t ask for anything more.

What’s your day-to-day parent life like?

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