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Five years ago..

Posted on: April 5, 2013

It’s that time of the year when I start reminicing about the beginnings of the relationship that is Hubby and I, or me, or mine.. what’s the correct word to use?!

Anyway, five years ago today was when Hubby and I met for the first time at Korean BQQ.

Everytime since then, or at least since we’ve been living together, we have been going to whatever Korean BQQ is available.  Since we have a toddler, we don’t really go to the “cook your own” type restaurants. 

Last year, M was eating baby food when we went.  Now, she can enjoy some food!  That’s exciting.

We have to figure out where we are going to go.  Because it’s a Friday night, it’s going to get busy fast, so we might have to go early.

I can’t believe five years have come and gone so quickly.  That seems like ages ago, but feels like a blink of an eye. 

Thank God Lent is over and we can have yummy Korean BBQ meat today!  Yay!


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