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Nineteen months..

Posted on: April 3, 2013

Today, M turns nineteen months.

Nineteen months!  Sheesh.. she’s getting closer and closer to being two.. and oh boy.. is she starting to act like it.

She’s my little person.  Her face no longer shows any reminence of “infant.”  She’s slimmed down.. her pudgy baby cheeks are now just a distant memory. 

Her hair is getting longer.. her clothes are getting bigger..

She talks so much now.. she understands and also communicates.  We can ask her questions and get answers.  We can tell her to get things and she’ll follow.  She can ask us for stuff, and we know what she means.

She has a mind of her own.  She’s happy and loving and friendly. 

I love this little girl with every fiber of my being.. she’s getting older by the second and I wish I could hang on to every little moment.

Every month flies by so fast.. before we know it, she’ll be two! 

Happy 19 months, M!  Keep being the same little girl, loving life and so happy with everything.. except at bedtime.. maybe you can change your bedtime dramatics.. but it’s ok.. all the hugs you give me through out the day definitely make up for it..

I love you, bug!

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