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Toddler triumph..

Posted on: March 20, 2013

Seems like the past two days have been nothing but posts about behavioral issues..

I guess that means M is getting to that age..

Overall, M is a great little girl.  So far, her well-behaved manner outnumbers her outbursts by so much.. that it’s hard to see me write two blog posts in a row about tantrums and crying and having to deal with all that..


To lighten the mood, I’d like to share with you a toddler potty triumph that occured a few nights ago..

It was about 3am.  We were all sound asleep when I heard M saying “panty, panty.”  She usually talks in her sleep, so I assumed she was dreaming about me putting on her Pull-Ups after a trip to the potty.

Suddenly, she was tossing and turning and asking for Elmo..

I asked her if she wanted to potty and in her half-asleep state she started saying, “Pah-tee, pah-tee”

So, I woke myself up and carried her into the bathroom.  She was still half-asleep.

I sat her on the potty and viola!  She peed!

I noticed that her nighttime pull-up was dry, that she didn’t go potty in her sleep.

We went back to bed and we fell asleep til morning.

When we woke up, I took her to the potty again, and noticed that her Pull-Up was still completely dry!


It’s only happened once, but I’m sooo willing to wake up in the middle of the night, or early morning, to do that for her..

Seems like this blog has been all about the potty lately..



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