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It’s playtime!

Posted on: March 7, 2013

These past few days have been a real eye opener for me.

M is truly at that age where she and I can actually play!

Not that we weren’t playing before…

Most of it was me doing something to get a reaction from her.. it was more “one-sided” play. 

There were occasions where we would play “tea party,” but it was still me pouring tea, drinking it.. and waiting for HER to do the same, or laugh, or something..

But it wasn’t truly interactive..

Now.. it is.. and it’s so much fun!  What’s even better is that SHE will initiate it.. and SHE will do something to get a reaction from ME!

My baby’s growing up!

She loves to hide, so she will get on her little Hello Kitty sofa/bed and pull the couch part over her and be really quiet.. she’ll peek ever so slightly.. and then she’ll squeal at me to know she’s been there the whole time.  While she’s hiding, I pretend that I lost her, and ask Hubby if he knows where she is..

Another game we play is that she pretends to be asleep.  She’ll lay down on a pillow, and I will go over and pat her while singing a lullaby.. then she pops right up and I say, “Oh! You’re awake!”  Then I do the same, but instead, she wakes me up and then says “Wake!”

We also love to play peek-a-boo with each other on her Hello Kitty sofa/bed.  We set the sofa/bed up as a sofa, then we duck our heads behind the backrest and then simultaneously lift our heads up and say “bah!” to each other.. it’s the cutest thing watching her peek at me to see when to pop her head up..

The way she laughs when we play together is so infectious.  It makes all the hardwork and tiredness of the workday just melt away with each giggle..

I love this age.  She’s so much fun! 

What kind of games do you play with your little one?

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