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Cough, cough!

Posted on: March 2, 2013

Because of all the phlegmy goodness, M has developed a cough.

The cough is mostly her need to get rid of all the icky stuff accumulating in her throat, but I hate coughs..

Coughs can sometimes lead up to no good!

I’m just terrified that M is going to end up with bronchitis or pneumonia!  Paranoid, yes.  But as a parent, the worst thing to have is a sick child.  If I could, I’d take all of this away from her, and if someone had to be sick, then just let it be me! 

I’m doing what I can, giving lots of fluids, running the vaporizer, sitting in the bathroom while daddy takes a steamy shower..

So far, all the ickiness is loose in M and easily comes up and out as she coughs and blows her nose..

I just wish she’d get over this bug already so we can resume our normal healthy lives.

And so I can go back to writing normal, healthy blog entries about things that aren’t as gross as phlegm.


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