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Watch what you say…

Posted on: February 26, 2013

I’ll admit, my language can be colorful at times..

However, since M was born, I’ve been pretty good at controlling what I say around her, or how I say it..

I’ve replaced certain explicatives with, “Oh nuts!” or “Oh geez!” or “Oh no!”

And she’s picked those up already.  She loves to say, “Oh nuts!” or “Oh no!” and put her hands over her eyes like she’s exasperated.. it’s quite cute!

One thing I was saying for awhile was, “Oh shoot!” which replaced “Oh sh!t” a while back.  However, it can revert to “Oh sh!t” when I catch myself off guard..

M hasn’t been saying “oh sh!t,” thank God!  But she has picked up “Oh shoot!”

I know it’s innocent, but I’d rather not hear a seventeen month old blurt out “Oh shoot!” Something about that doesn’t scream “Parent of the year award!” to me…

Any way, last night, I think she heard me say it when I accidentally spilled milk in the kitchen.  That’s a whole new story for another blog entry.. hahah!

She was saying it all night while we were in bed.

Before she went to sleep she wanted milk, so I was setting up to give her some.  Before the bottle got to her mouth, I fumbled it and it fell out of my hands..

“Oh shoot!” the toddler says!

I really have to make sure that I watch what I say…

I gotta admit, it was really cute…

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