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I remember growing up and having a really active imagination..

I used to imagine that everything had a little life and mind of its own. 

For example, a bag of toys.  Almost like the movie, Toy Story, I used to think that these toys had a mind of their own and that they would talk to each other.  I’d imagine what they were thinking all stuffed in a bag.  I’d come up with these whole conversations in my head..

What brought this up?

Well, I was at work the other day.  I was bringing back a bag of samples to the packaging area.  It was in a clear bag, so I could see all the vials in there.  One vial was in it’s own bag because it was pulled aside for a retention sample.   For some odd reason, I reverted back to my childhood and totally imagined what that other vial was thinking being separated from the group..

Don’t ask me why.. maybe having a child has re-activated my imagination.. or I’m just succumbing to the stresses of the daily workday.. who knows.. let’s just assume the first reason.. it’s more pleasant.

My imagination was so active that it would scare me in middle of the night..

One very well-known story in my family is that of the scary luggage..

My childhood bedroom has some storage space way above my closet.. it was there that my parents had put some old luggage.  This was OLD luggage.. it was leather with buckles..

I used to have a nightlight in my bedroom when I was a child.  The light from the nightlight hit that luggage in a certain way that make my imagination go wild!  It looked like a monster.. the buckles and zippers and stuff looked like an evil face! 

It gave me anxiety every night before bed, but I never said anything to my parents…

But once I let my anxieties be known (it took a drawing for my mom to find out..), all my parents had to do was to flip the luggage around.. and the monster was gone!

I wonder where M’s imagination will take her…

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