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Still my baby…

Posted on: February 24, 2013

With M running around, talking up a storm, coloring books (and walls), eating by herself, taking off her own socks (she does this with pride!)… it’s easy to forget that she’s only seventeen months old..

She’s actually still a baby.. of sorts..

Ok.. so technically she’s a toddler.. but she’s ONE!  That’s still a baby in my book.

The only time she reminds me that she’s still a baby is during bedtime..

It’s only then that she slows down for the day.. and she cuddles me so tightly.. Then she falls asleep and she’s so peaceful..

I look at her and marvel at how much she’s grown.. and at the same time realize that she’s still so small.. I realize that she’s small in the grand scheme of things.. she’s got tiny hands, feet, legs, arms, face.. she’s got so much more growing to do..

Yes.. she’s still a baby..

She’ll always be my baby.


1 Response to "Still my baby…"

I also have a 17 month old and I feel the SAME way!! He’s my baby but also such a big boy in many ways. 😀

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