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In 2011, three babies were born in the family.

My cousin had a daughter, lets call her A, in February, I had my daughter in September, and my other cousin had her son, J,  in October..

It’s not often that we find ourselves in the same place at the same time, so when we do, we definitely take advantage of the situation.

The other night, after work, I took M to my aunts house so we could all get together and have the kids play.. 

It started at dinner in a local Pho restaurant.  M and J sat next to each other on their high chairs.. it was so funny.

M must have thought that J was so much younger than her because she just kept saying, “hi, baby” to him.  Mind you, he is only 6 weeks younger than her.  A is a good 7-8 months older than M & J.  Oh geez, too many letters!

It’s so funny seeing the three of them “play” together.  They aren’t really at the age where they will play together.  The occasionally exchange baby babble, but they don’t play togther like older kids do.  I think what they do is called “parallel play.”  It’s where they are in the same area, playing with different things, but are together.. something like that.  Here’s the definition according to Wikipedia (click the link to view the full page):

Parallel play is a form of play where children play adjacent to each other, but do not try to influence one another’s behaviour. Children usually play alone during parallel play but are interested in what other children are doing. This usually occurs after the first birthday. [1] It usually involves two or more children in the same room that are interested in the same toy, each seeing the toy as their own. The children do not play together, but alongside each other simply because they are in the same room.

It’s fun watching these three little babies grow..

But don’t try to get all three of them to sit still to take a picture!  I don’t think we’ve ever succeeded..

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