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Toddlers and crayons…

M has discover the art of coloring.. I had given her some crayons from Crayola that were meant for little ones.  They were crayons encapsuled in some sort of animal holder.  It was meant for little hands that can’t grasp thin crayons just yet.

She seemed to outgrow those pretty quickly.  I knew when I saw her figure out how to remove the crayon from the holder and proceed to color with the crayon alone..

Anyway, we are at my parents house this week and we bought her a huge Dora the Explorer coloring book from Costco, or Cah-co, according to M.

I found some Crayola crayons in an old drawer at my parents house.  I think we had those when we were younger, and I’m surprised they’ve held this long.. but I’m glad we have them!

M LOVES it.  She’s coloring some of my brothers old canvases and discarded art projects.. like you see here..


Yes, that’s my little girl. Yes, those are stickers on her face.

But she’s also starting to venture beyond the pages and art supplies..

So far, she’s colored (or attempted to color) the following:

  • Bottom of the TV
  • A door
  • The coffee table
  • The treadmill
  • A wall behind the TV
  • The floor
  • The couch
  • A kitchen appliance stored away in the closet
  • The cat

She walks around with the crayon like that guy from Psycho held his knife.. all I can think of is that “eee, eee, eee” sound as she walks around looking for her next crayon victim.

I know she’s just exploring, experimenting and discovering.. I just hope that my parents house survives this whole new world of color..


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