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This past weekend, I learned that M is a party girl.

She’s gotten over her shyness when in big crowds of people.  She doesn’t cling to me too badly when surrounded in a room full of older people, as long as I’m in her eye sight, she’s fine.

I learned this at a party this past weekend.

It was a party for a family friend.  There was dancing in the living room with music and karaoke, the works!

We arrived at the party and I was anticipating M to be grab onto me, or to cry once people came up to her, but she didn’t.

We were on our way to the back of the house to grab food when I saw it… she was clapping to the music.  Then she looks at me and says, “Mimi, dance.”

So as we were making our way back towards the food, we were doing a little dance to the music. 

(Yes, as a mom, you lose your inhibitions based on the requests of your child.. hee hee.)

I gave M to my mother so I can grab her some food and she immediately takes my mother back to where all the party action was. 

Apparently, she was having a good time because I can hear all the people ooh-ing and aah-ing and giggling and saying her name..

I was able to wrangle my mother and daughter into the back room so we can eat.  M wasn’t having it.  She would get off my lap and say “Ah dance, Mimi, dance” as she would manuever her way through crowds of people much taller than her. 

The girl just wanted to dance!

She loved being there with all the people having a great time, I couldn’t pull her away. 

She lasted the entire night.  Even when everyone left and there was only one person singing karaoke, she was right there with her! 

Lucky for me, she was out like a light once we got into the car to drive home!


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