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A while back, I taught M to ask for help if she needed it, rather than whining or crying when she couldn’t do something.

So far, it’s worked like a charm.  She is quick to ask for help if she needs it, and it’s the cutest thing when she, herself, helps out one of her toys when it falls off the table or something..

Last night, we were watching TV, and she wanted to watch Dora the Explorer on Netflix.

Our television has two remotes.  One remote connects to the cable, and the other remote connects to the television and can access the Netflix through our TV.  She refers to this remote as the “dora” remote. 

The TV remote was under the TV on the entertainment system. 

Because she was on my lap (and I was lazy) I told her to get the Dora remote and then I would change it to Netflix.

She got off my lap and frantically searched the floor.  She was moving toys, blankets and everything she could off the floor. 

I told her it was under the TV and even tried to point my hand and move her head toward that direction, but it just didn’t register.  C’mon, she’s seventeen months.. it was an achievement on its own that she understood to even look for the remote, right?

The poor girl looked for a good 3-5 minutes when she finally looked at me, teary eyed.  She let out a little whine of frustration, then finally said, “help?”

I scooped her into my arms and took her to the entertainment center and showed her where I told her the remote was.  She was so happy when we got the remote and turned on Netflix.

I was so very proud of her emotional control.  It was night time, and she could have easily cried or thrown a tantrum.  Instead, she asked for help.

It was so very grown-up of her to do so..

THIS was the moment I knew.. she really isn’t much of a baby anymore..

When did you finally realize that your “baby” wasn’t a baby anymore?

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