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Call me a softie, but I hate having to discipline M.

I always feel like I’m crushing her spirit or something.

But I know it has to be done.  She doesn’t run the show here, I do.  Hubby does. 

It’s easy to discipline her when she’s whining and tantruming.  It’s easy to be stern and tell her, “Stop.”

It’s easy to hold her close, put my face against hers, and whisper “Stop it right now” into her ear. 

She gets it.  She calms down, and kind of sinks into my arms like she knows she has no shot at winning the battle.

I feel a little surge of victory..

It’s when she’s playing and having a good time, and then does something she isn’t really supposed to.  It’s that smile that gets me everytime and I have so much trouble telling her to stop when she flashes it.

That smile gets me everytime.  I feel like I don’t want to ruin her fun, but I know she has to be told that she can’t do whatever she did.

She makes me a big softie… but I’m learning to get over it.  If I don’t get over it, I know I’ll be paying for it in the future when she gets older totally spoiled rotten!  I gotta take care of the little things now, so she knows that she won’t be able to get away with the big things later..

But she’s sooo cute!  It’s hard!

What is it about your child that makes you just feel like spoiling them rotten?!

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