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Friend and fellow blog author of “Bored In Bloomington,” Monica, left a comment on yesterday’s blog entry about my writers block.

She was inspired by photo challenges found all over Instagram and decided to create her own, which I participate in. 

Yesterday’s photo was “inspiration” and she told me to blog about it today, and include the picture.

How’s that for a cure to writer’s block?!  AWESOME!


Work, home and lots of coffee.. that’s what keeps me inspired.

These three things keep my blog inspired and keep my life inspired. It’s the day-to-day grind that we seem to take for granted. We seem to take for granted what we do from day-to-day. We forget the details of the everyday.

I’ve learned to take inspiration from the mundane. Especially, with this now being a daily blog, I have learned to cherish the minor details of a day and turn it into something worth reading about.

Once I became a parent, and saw how quickly life goes, and how quickly a child grows, I learned to cherish the small things, and pull inspiration from it all. Her words, her smiles, her actions, her daily growth and development, it’s all inspiring in it’s very little way. It’s certainly fueled much of this blog, as you can tell..

My family life, my husband, who’s words can inspire entire blog postings.. he also inspires me, not only in blog, but in life..

What inspires you?

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