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It’ll be seventeen months tomorrow, and we are still cosleeping with M.

I know there are times when Hubby wonders when we will finally give M her own bed, but I really enjoy it.  She and I sleep so peacefully.  She no longer moves around all over the place.  She hardly ends up in a wierd position when I wake up to see her in the morning.

In fact, I usually find her snuggled up in my arms, or snuggled up against the bed rail..

I love when she hugs my arm so tightly when she turns to snuggle up against me.. it’s like I’m her security blanket..

Honestly, I really don’t know when we will give M her own bed..

I love having her in my bed, and I think she needs me for the comfort..

I know that if we do end up with another kid, we will have to put her into her own bed.. and I know that when the kids get older, we will definitely have the bed to ourselves.

In the big picture of life, they are only in our bed for a small percentage of our lives..

Why not cherish it?  Kids are only this young once.

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