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The dining room is probably the least used room in our apartment.  Ok, it’s not a ROOM.. it’s more.. a dining AREA. 

We purchased a square dining table when we first moved in, but have mostly used it to just place items on whenever we are too lazy to put them anywhere else.  It’s basically become a storage area.. not cool.

Since we hadn’t been using it, and we lack a pantry in our apartment, Hubby and I decided to get a small shelving unit to place in that area.  I’d provide a picture, but I couldn’t find any on the Target website, where we purchased it.

We pushed the dining table to the corner, leaving two sides available for use, should we need to.  We placed the shelves next to the counter.  That left us with tons of extra room, so we placed M’s little table and bench she received for Christmas there.  She now eats, plays, reads, uses her iPad on that table.  M and I have been known to have a rocking tea party there too..

I know everyone says how important it is to eat as a family, and we do.  In the living room.  Yes, unconventional, I know.  But right now, it works for us.  As my family gets older, I know we will start utilizing our dining table. 

We have TONS of room now.  M can run from the dining area and through the living room, uninterupted.  She and Hubby have so much fun chasing each other.

I’ve fallen in love with the apartment all over again.

Now we just have to tackle the bedrooms, and we’d be all set!

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