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A few days ago, on Facebook and Instagram, I posted about finding little Dora the Explorer stickers everywhere.  Then, the other day, I took a picture of Little M’s arm all covered up in Dora the Explorer stickers.

That girl loves stickers, and she loves Dora The Explorer.  Obviously, she’s CRAZY about these Dora The Explorer stickers her grandmother (my mother) gave her for Christmas.

What’s with kids and stickers?!

I totally remember playing with stickers. 

I remember using those stickers that came with VHS tapes (remember those?!) that helped label the display side of the tape.

The great thing about having a little brother was that he was my canvas for all the stickers I would place.  We have lots of pictures of him as a toddler covered in stickers.  Yes, that was MY doing.

So, that picture of M with the stickers all over her arm?!  Yes, that also was MY doing.

But the stickers all over the bathroom?  That was ALL her!

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