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Little M started something new lately.

She will speak in full sentences.. to television shows, books, her toys, and anyone who will listen.  She’ll speak in nice, full, looooooong sentences.

But you just can’t understand a word she says!

It’s the funniest, cutest thing. 

She opens her books, and reads page after page.. in a language all her own!

She’s been so good about communicating with us.  She knows enough words and two-word sentences to get her point across when she needs to. 

Now she wants to make speeches and speak long sentences, so she does it the only way she knows how.. with her baby talk.

I love it.  I wish I could catch it on video, but every time she sees the camera, she stop!  I have to be sneaky about it, but it’s just so hard.  When she’s wrapped up in one of her speeches, it’s hard to get away to grab the camera. 

It’s the funniest thing and I love every second of it!


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