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A few days ago, I ggot a text from Hubby.

“Did you go to Target?”

I was at work, so my answer was “no.”

Then I got another text.

“Do you have your AMEX card on you?”

Obviously, yes.

Uh oh.  That wasn’t good at all.  I check my email and found that I received an email alert of fraudulent activity on my card.

Someone tried to spend $106 dollars at a Target.  It had the store number so I looked it up and it was somewhere in Fullerton, CA.

I called AMEX right away and verified my identity and that the activity is not my own.  Turns out someone made a counterfeit card and tried to physically swipe this card while making a purchase at Target.


Holy smokes! 

Luckily AMEX was able to figure that out and shut it down!  Now I’m getting a new card with a new number.

It’s so violating to know someone tried to use my stuff and tried to spend my money.  I don’t like this feeling at all.  It’s very disheartening.  Who can you trust? 

Thank God for these credit card companies that alert you right away.  I really hope this never happens again!

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