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A few days ago on Facebook, Disney Baby posted a blog post on “10 Funny Things You Find Yourself Doing Now That You’re A Mom (or Dad)”

Click here for the article.

It’s pretty funny and I totally relate to a few.

The Phantom Cry
Guilty as charged!  I’ve especially when M was a newborn.  I’d hear her cry from another room, only to find out that it was all my imagination..

A Love For Kid’s Music
I’ve been known to belt out a few Fresh Beat Band tunes in the car on my way home from work.  I also know every theme song to every show M watches on Disney Jr and Nick Jr.  It helps a lot in when M is feeling restless in the car.  I can always distract her with the theme song from Special Agent Oso or Doc McStuffins.. Yes, I take requests.

Why Are You Swaying Like That?
I’ve heard this question a bajillion times.  I’ve been seen swaying while standing in Church while Hubby is carrying M.  I’ve had the hand on my back several times telling me, “You can stand still, you aren’t holding the baby.”  It’s good for a little giggle every now and then.. why can’t I stop swaying?!

Pat, Pat, Pat
Definitely guilty here!  I “pat, pat” so much that whenever I hold M, she starts to “pat, pat” me!  Don’t get me started on the “pat, pat” of others.. it’s just too much patting!

Wipes Are The Magical Cure All
You can frequently hear me say, “Quick, get me a wipe!” for anything.. It’s so easy, especially when you buy those boxes from Costco!  You have to use them for everything, or else you’ll never make a dent in your stash!

Those are pretty much the ones I seem to identify with the most.  Click the link and read the article and tell me which are the ones that hit home for you!

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