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Yesterday’s blog post was a little rough.

I admit, there’s a tad bit of “blog diarrhea” mixed into it, but I swear I gave it a few days of thought before jumping right into it.

I’d actually been thinking about a post like that all of last weekend, and Monday was just the final straw that really pushed me to write it.

The frustration of it all is out of my system now, but the guilt still stays.  It’s that guilt that tends to just eat me up from the inside.  I wish there was something I could do to relieve it. 

All I can do is use my word for the year.. CHARGE.

Take CHARGE.  Just take one day at a time. 

Being a working mother isn’t easy.  There are good days, there are bad days.  Monday was just a bad day.  The other mornings have been good so far.  She’s stayed asleep as I got ready, no crying for me.  She comes home from her grandparents house fine.

I’m taking CHARGE of these feelings, knowing that working is what I have to do. 

Tomorrow is a new day, a new blessing, a new start. 


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