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Archive for January 13th, 2013

Usually I get home before M. 

I like it that way because I can clean up the living room of all the toys from the night before.  I can get the dishes put away.  I can begin dinner uninterupted.  I have a little “me time” on the iPad, uninterupted.

When M gets home, she usually runs straight to me and gives me the biggest hugs.

Have I mentioned that she gives the best hugs?  Best. Hugger. Ever.

Anyway, the other day, I’m sitting on the couch.  M and Hubby come home.

I smile really big, waiting for her to come running to me.

She says, “Mimi!”

I get my arms ready to catch her, and instead….

She runs straight to her toys!


What happened to my hugs?!

Sigh.. is this what it’s come to now?  Is she starting to outgrow me?

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